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Landrat Götz Ulrich


Dear guests!
Welcome to the homepage of the network for integration of Burgenlandkreis. Families, life and diversity have a great importance in the Burgenlandkreis. That corresponds to my personal motto: cooperation counts.

In the field of integration, we still have to achieve some successes. The depopulation in the Burgenlandkreis is already noticeable in many cases. Especially in the field of education, companies suffer from a lack of young employees. Also in other areas of our societal life, we cannot forego foreign residents anymore, who are ready to actively shape the future of our home. Therefore, integration of migrants is particularly important to me.

However, within the inhabitants there are many open questions concerning the inclusion and housing of asylum seekers and war refugees. The on the next sites following information should help to clarify many of these questions, to obtain clarity and to remove fears and concerns. In addition to basic information, one will find best practices for active involvement for the integration and diversity of our district both within and outside of the network for integration.

Yours faithfully

Götz Ulrich
District administrator of the Burgenlandkreis



All here present actors of the Integration Network Burgenlandkreis jointly stand for welcoming of immigrants and people with migration background.

We would like to invite all the people, who live in our District

  • to become acquainted with each other
  • to establish contacts
  • to take active part in organizing their living environment and
  • to be inspired by the beauty and the potentials of our District

The Burgenlandkreis is awarded with the title "Place of plurality", and we want to create jointly a lively place of plurality.

The Integration Network and all its actors perceives itself as supporting institution, to make feel you at home.

According to the slogan of our network: "Every Human is like a melody, but together we are like a song", we are very curious about your "voice". We are very glad to welcome you in our District Burgenlandkreis.

This web page will support you to find contacts, to gather information and to take active part in all spheres of the daily life. Enjoy yourself when visiting and be inspired!

Integration coordinator of the District Burgenlandkreis